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8 Great Proven Techniques For Making A Man Jealous! Make Your Desired Guy Blush!

Jealousy can be a bit exciting. It can prove that someone is totally head over heels for you. A little jealousy can sometimes also be good, just as long as it’s not destructive. Trying to make a guy jealous is always a gamble in your part. It’s either going to make him pursue you more or just walk away or never look back. That’s why it’s important to find out if he likes you, even just a bit. When all your attempts fail, it’s probably because you didn’t do it right or he uninterested. Here are a few tips for you to do if you want to know how to make a man jealous.

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  • Know if he is attracted. It is very difficult if not impossible to trying to get a guy that has no interest in you, let alone get jealous. You should find out if a guy is likes you or not before you make any effort of making him jealous. Sending a wrong message could be messy if not fatal in these situations.
  • Tell him about your guy friends. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and at the same time a good assessment of the various people around you can give him a good idea on how to approach your relationship. He can then expect who to look out for. When you’re both trying to find out if you’re really into each other, trying to make him jealous will tell you whether this guy has already fallen for you or not.
  • Flirt with other men. Guys, are in a sense competitive and like to be on top. If he is interest in you, he will notice you paying more attention to other guys and it will drive him nuts. He will try harder to get your undivided attention.
  • Talk animatedly with another guy. Let’s say you just saw a good old guy friend walk by and get into a little chat. The closer you seem together, the more the man will think he’s got competition. When he asks a lot of questions right after your conversation with your friend, he’s definitely curious or even already jealous.
  • Be mysterious. If you are too pushy and too available you will lose your mystique and he will grow uninterested. Avoid talking to him every day and show that you have other interests as well.
  • Look Great. You will be noticed by more men if you pay close attention to your appearance. Make sure you are always attractive and pleasant to be around.
  • Be active. Be active and take part in various activities. Try to communicate well with everybody including other guys. Even if doing so fails to spark a guy’s jealousy, you’ll have fun doing it.
  • Never overdo it.He will think that you’re intentionally doing this to make him jealous. He could get a little turned off.

Now that you know how to make a man jealous you can be confident that when you walk out there you can get any man you want. No question about it.

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