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Get your hands on The Ex-Factor! Learn how to make guys envious of you even if you’re dating someone else.

For most lovers, it is but natural to experience ups and downs of a relationship. At some point in time someone would feel as if the love that once been very warm slowly fades. Once one decides that the relationship is not going to work, then the relationship is doomed. For either you want him back or you just want to get even, one great weapon of yours will be jealousy – since it is innate characteristic of guys. There are actually a couple of dozen of ways to make a guy jealous but these will only hold true if and only if the guy has feelings hidden somewhere within him. Here are a couple of ways on how to make guys jealous:

  • Enjoy everything without him. Make him feel as if the relationship being over is totally okay with you. Once you two are over, do not let him see how affected you are. Enjoy. Busy yourself. Be with your girlfriends’ company. Go on shopping. Do a make-over. Get a vacation. You can even do your usual routine. As if he never really existed in the first place. Give it just enough time for him to notice that you can enjoy doing things even without him and him experiencing otherwise will set the realization of how he would want to be with you again.
  • Play hard to get. If he wants you back and you just want to get a little hard to get, you can make him jealous or even try to make him feel uneasy by trying to avoid him for some time, not letting him know your whereabouts as before and not being as accommodating. This would give him the impression that he is not your priority any longer and that you are open to other guys. Make him imagine how he could not take the possibility of you getting involved with somebody else.
  • Befriend his former competition. If you are already friends with the guy, exert a little more. Know your ex’s whereabouts and go nearby with this guy. Establish your rapport to make you and the guy seem extra close in front of your ex. Do this a couple of times, just don’t overdo yourself though. You might lose him that way for he might think you’ve moved on and that you are really into ‘The Guy’. And ‘The Guy’ as a consequence might even think you’re really into him. If you’re ex is still into you, he will take chances to talk to you and wouldn’t want anybody else guarding you except himself.

But of course, don’t ever let him notice that you’re only doing it to make him jealous. Otherwise, you will be getting your equaled vengeance. And you wouldn’t want to get the impression of being rude at your ex partners, do you? Knowing the right tricks on how to make guys jealous will boost your advantages in love life. Take chances and be ready for the consequences of your actions. ‘How to make guys jealous’ has either of the two outcomes: being able to get him back or totally getting rid of him. It’s your call.

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