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How To Make A Guy Jealous In Three Minutes

If you think you boyfriend is running cold or your relationship is getting a little too monotonic and dull, right away do something about it. Having to do the same things over and over for quite some time can induce some stale in the bond. Maybe it’s time you need to get a bit of excitement and drama in your relationship for him to notice it. It doesn’t have to be a full scale war to get your blood pumping. It could be as subtle as a soft whisper, to another man’s ear that is.

Some say one if not the most weapons in the art of love is jealousy. It seems part of the male psyche to be jealous as they strive to be the dominant species and protect their own but then jealousy can also be a weakness. You can use it as an advantage to get more attention from your guy. Most importantly great care must be observed as you go about this since this can easily backfire and turn a relationship bitter.

Get the passionate relationship you want and follow these steps on how to make a guy jealous to have your man within a tight leash.

1. Turn your attention to other things aside from him. Have fun with close friends or better yet male friends. You don’t have to be all out on the guy to get a good look from your boyfriend. He will eventually notice it. The idea that your having fun without him makes a good chance that he’ll realize he’s not the center of your world. I’m sure that will make him feel very insecure. If he likes you that much he will be doing things to get your attention and focus back at him.

2. Be very yummy. A guy will only get jealous if they want someone that another guy also desires. And that means being attractive and appealing to men in general. Dress elegantly or go for a sexier look. Not to mention you get the attention of the other males which will make him want you more. Keep in mind that you’re doing this to get his attention and not wanting to stir up any doubts that you’re cheating on him. Things like this can be easily misunderstood and might also lead to a nasty fight. This may involve visiting the gym regularly and eating healthy foods.

3. If things don’t turn out right by the time given, date someone else. This time you really know how to make a guy jealous. This is crucial for those relationships that are long standing and well oiled. It’s not easy for someone to just let go without fighting for it, especially when a lot of time and effort has been given. Remember, a guy will only chase you and be jealous if another man has also set his sights on you.

Last but not least, many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they really are by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships. Sometimes knowing how to make a guy jealous is simply not the answer. If you want to get better outcomes and results when it comes to men have to be able to communicate with a man in a way that brings him closer to you.



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