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Learn about Turkey’s fascinating culture

Turkey is a fascinating destination for a holiday. Although it is only a few hours’ flight from the UK, you will experience an exotic country with a very different culture when you arrive. Whether you are visiting one of the major cities like the bustling capital, Istanbul, or booking an Alanya transfer service from your arrival airport to enjoy a holiday relaxing on the beach, you will be able to discover the wonderful culture for yourself during your stay. Here is some of the things that you can expect to experience when you visit Turkey.


Turkish coffee is popular all over the world, and in Turkey it is an especially important part of the culture. It is usually specially prepared in a copper pot and cooked very slowly. You’ll undoubtedly have many opportunities to try it after you’ve arrived following your Alanya transfer, and if you are ever invited to try it in someone’s home, make sure you take them up on the offer. Not only will you enjoy a delicious brew, you’ll get to learn so much about the region and culture.


Tea is even more popular than coffee in Turkey, and it plays a significant role in daily life. It is called çay here, and is often prepared in a special style of teapot and served in a glass. As you drink, your tea will usually be topped up until the teapot is empty – so be prepared to drink a lot! You may be offered tea in a shop or in someone’s home, so do accept it if you are offered a glass as it is considered good manners to take tea.


Meze is a type of snack in Turkey, not dissimilar to the idea of tapas in Spain. It consists of a range of small dishes, including seafood, köfte, cheese, olives, rice and more. It is eaten between lunch and dinner, and it is as much a social occasion as an opportunity to fill up on tasty food.


Dance is very important throughout Turkey, and you will find a number of folk dances that are traditionally performed. You may even get the opportunity to join in after you arrive in your resort on your Alanya transfer. One of the most popular folk dances is Izmir, also known as Zeybek. There is also the Horon dance, but there are many others as well. They usually involve dressing in traditional costumes, and are energetic, colourful and a lot of fun.

Enjoy the Fascinating Culture of Turkey for Yourself

The best way to discover the fascinating culture of Turkey is to visit the country yourself. Whether you are keen to book an Alanya transfer service to visit this popular resort, or you want to go hiking in the mountains or exploring Istanbul, you will be able to experience the unique culture on every step of the way.



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