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Men Always Make These 4 Mistakes When It Comes To Women

1. Trying to impress a woman

This sounds really confusing to some guys at first – how can trying to be interesting to a woman actually ruin my chances with a woman? There are two main reasons behind this, the first one is that a lot of guys tend to talk a lot more about himself than he is listening to her and that is a turnoff for anyone, whether he is a guy or a girl. We tend to talk more about ourselves because we feel a need to be heard and acknowledged and that’s perfectly normal, but we should try to keep it down to a normal extent. The other reason would be guys tend to use things that would impress guys to impress a woman, such as things like his career, car and income. But women aren’t really interested in these things, what they are more interested in are things like relationships and connections!

2. Agreeing with everything a woman says

Did you actually think for a moment whether a woman is looking for a guy who is able to agree with her on everything and also like almost all the same things as she does? I am sure you know this is not the case, but then why do guys still avoid disagreeing with a woman for fear of breaking up or straining the relationship? If you keep agreeing with a girl on everything, chances for you breaking up or straining the relationship would on the contrary increase, as she would probably be getting bored really fast and realize that you are depending on her to lead the interaction, which is not what a woman is seeking from a man.

3. Being too free and available

Are you the kind of guy that is afraid to miss the phone call of women no matter how busy you are? Do you always agree to go out with her even when you are busy and have other important things to do? If you are, then are you making a big mistake of being too available to her. Of course I am asking you to play “hard to get” games, but you should not be rearranging your entire life just around her.

4. Overdoing it on the first few dates

This is the biggest mistake what most guys who are clueless about dating always do. They often go all out on the first date with an extravagant dinner at a fancy restaurant, buy lots of gifts and attention just on the first date itself. If that sounds like you, then it would be best for you to stop doing it, as first dates should be used as a way to qualify each other to see whether both of you are suitable to get into a relationships. Just treat your first dates like going out with your best female friend and have fun!



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